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Roger Roger Engineering

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Introducing IKARUS by Roger Roger Engineering


Flying and racing in the same sim-rig.

No need to swap flight-sim and sim-racing hardware.

No need to purchase a separate yoke base for flying.



IKARUS is mounted between your wheel base and steering wheel / Quick Release.




Click the button below for the Priority Access page, and sign up to guarantee a spot in line as soon as IKARUS launches. Signing up is free.

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"Racing to flying faster than you can load your game"

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 Length 213 mm
Diameter 72 mm
Max height (including locking knob) 82 mm
Weight 724 gr
Force feedback strength max 10 Nm recommended
Tested up to 20 Nm

38 mm push
38mm pull

Compatible with: 50.8mm / 50mm bolt pattern wheels, wheelbases and other products
20 x 27.5mm QR bolt pattern


IKARUS has a 50.8mm / 50mm compatible bolt pattern on both the front and back.
This means you can mount any quick-release, steering wheel or adapter with the same bolt pattern to IKARUS, making it compatible with nearly
every available piece of sim-racing hardware out there.

Inside IKARUS your movement input, push and pull, is translated to windows HID compatible data that can be recognized by most simulation software.

Coming soon

Currently IKARUS is not available for purchase, yet.
It is, however, possible to sign up to the priority access list.

Signing up guarantees you a chance to buy the product at launch, even if demand is high.

Additionally: This allows us to keep track of interest, and even do research into the ways IKARUS will be used after release.

Note: A 10% discount at launch is rewarded to those willing to answer some questions about IKARUS and how it will be used. (limited spots available)


The wheel/yoke shown in the pictures, attached to IKARUS, is for visualization and/or demonstration purposes only. It is not included with IKARUS and not part of the product development work done at Roger Roger Engineering. IKARUS is meant to be used in combination with the open platform steering wheel you already own.