World's easiest switch between sim-racing and flight-simulation

"Racing to flying faster than you can load your game"


Convert your sim-racing rig into a flight-simulation compatible 2-in-1 experience

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IKARUS gives you an additional push and pull axis, enabling elevator control in flight-sims.

With just a turn you unlock IKARUS, making it a breeze to switch between sim-racing and flight-sim, so you can enjoy both hobbies without draining your wallet, spending too much energy or wasting precious cockpit time!

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The problem

If you're a simracer it's pretty likely that you've ever thought: "I want to fly!"

There is a problem, however: Integrating a complete yoke setup, or even a hotas, into your simracing rig can be quite a challenge and sometimes even impossible.

The solution

IKARUS is the solution.
By adding a push and pull input axle to your steering hardware you will have all the necessary functionality you need to fly a plane!


Once unlocked, IKARUS allows you to push and pull your steering wheel in addition to turning it left and right. This pushing and pulling is communicated to your PC with standardized HID communication, just like most other input devices you own.

And the best thing is, once you've landed and wish to return to the track, you simply lock IKARUS back in place and you're ready for lights out!

No need to spent time and energy swapping out all your hardware.

Sim-racing to flight-sim faster than you can load your game


Will IKARUS work with my hardware?

IKARUS has a 50mm / 50.8mm compatible bolt pattern on both the front and back.
This means you can mount any quick-release, steering wheel or adapter with the same bolt pattern onto IKARUS. Making it compatible with nearly every available piece of sim-racing hardware out there.

Please note: Currently IKARUS has no built in power and data transfer aside from it's own usb connection. Eco-system limited products are therefore not natively supported. Roger Roger does not advise unlocking or jailbreaking any products you own to make them compatible with IKARUS


  • 76mm

  • 232 mm

    length in rest
  • 724 grams

  • 20nm

    max torque
  • 5 seconds

    time to switch
  • 72 mm

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Work in Progress

The concept of IKARUS as a product is relatively simple, it's a piston like mechanism that enables an additional input axis on your sim-racing setup. However, in reality it's not that simple.

To overcome all the obstacles that come with combining linear motion, bearing technology, electronics, vertical-, lateral-, and torsional forces (and much more) a lot of research and prototyping needed to be done.

Even though most of the research, prototyping and testing has finished, resulting in the product you can admire right now, more work has to be done. This means two things;

  1. It is important to realize that what you see here is a work in progress, meaning IKARUS is likely to change in the near future.
  2. Support... Signing up for the priority access list and being open to answer some questions about IKARUS helps more than you know. Knowledge is everything when developing a product like IKARUS. The more we know about you and the expectations you have, the more value IKARUS can provide once it is released.
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