Roger Roger Engineering, a start up born in the Netherlands in 2023, was founded with the goal of breaking the barrier between racing and flying in the virtual world.

In the beginning the focus within RRE was primarily on research and ideation of solutions and innovations in the simulation gaming market, leading to various ideas in hardware and software that could potentially greatly improve quality of life in the sim-racing and flight-sim hobbies.

The company was founded by Jordy, a product- design and development engineer with an eye for combining function and form. As an avid gamer himself, Jordy personally experienced the frustrations that often come with simulation gaming. Frustrations... that need to be solved.

Combining experience, passion and a seemingly never ending load of new ideas, Roger Roger Engineering will strive to bridge the gap created by the current ecosystems



Roger Roger Engineering has big plans, and to execute those plans you need knowledge, experience, time and energy. That's why, starting may 2023, the company linked up with Zwinc, an incubator not like other incubators. By providing starting businesses a place to work, network, gather knowledge and even support financially it is a fantastic partner to have and has proven to be invaluable in the beginning phases of the company and development of it's products.

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